Global Language Communications provides interpreting services for all types of conferences and meetings and can provide on-site simultaneous, consecutive, and escort interpretation. All interpreters are highly skilled native speakers who are certified by the State Department or its foreign equivalent and have expert knowledge of their fields. These professionals are sensitive to the meaning and cultural nuances of the words and phrases they choose, providing clients with the assurance that the intended meaning is conveyed to their foreign clientele. The company also arranges rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment, including wired, wireless, and infrared types.



Global Language Communications provides translation of a wide variety of text materials, including:

  • Technical and product manuals
  • Packaging
  • Software user guides and online help
  • Scientific and medical publications and documents
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Marketing collateral and press releases
  • Other forms of print-based media
  • Personal Documents

Global Language Communications provides localization for both software and web sites.

When translating text for clients’ web sites, Global Language Communications’ linguists conduct a rigorous review of the text to be translated, page layout, graphics, images, icons, date and currency formats, links, contact information, and character set displays. The company can provide both text translation and HTML processing, as well as testing of the site, including all links, to be sure they are appropriate to the target audience.

Software is translated and all text, online help, user interfaces, dialog boxes, and error messages are adapted to the target language. A cultural assessment is performed to ensure that interfaces are appropriate to the target culture and that any necessary changes are made to comply with local regulations in the target area. After localization, the software is tested extensively to ensure ease of use.


Multicultural Publishing and Graphics

Global Language Communications provides complete DTP services for both PC and MAC platforms and works in all standard software, such as FrameMaker, Quark Express, Adobe, and Macromedia DreamWeaver. Foreign language typesetting is available for complex languages such as Japanese, Russian, and Arabic and those languages that read right to left. In addition to the text translation, we address images and graphics to be sure they are culturally appropriate.

Audio/Video Services
Global Language Communications provides a full range of audio/video services for films, corporate videos, and commercials, including:

  • Script translation, transcription and adaptation
  • Voice-overs and voice dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Translation and adaptation of on-screen charts and graphics

Native speaking actors and top sound studios are employed to provide perfect timing and excellent cultural fit.


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